About SurgiNor

SurgiNOR is a supplier and distributor of Surgical instruments, Diagnostic devices as well as Scientific and Medical Instrumentation. Over the years SurgiNOR has built up considerable experience in the healthcare market specifically relating to its extensive range of Surgical Instruments. To develop the European market SurgiNOR offered a customer orientated service to health sector throughout the Europe specifically to Norwegian market.

Most of our sales and marketing is carried out directly as well as through the medical trade fairs. SurgiNOR has become well known for customised stocking for their customers and making surgical instruments available for next day despatch throughout the Scandinavia. With a stock tailored for our customers, SurgiNOR is able to respond quickly to customer demand and always strives to deliver more than 98% of orders on time and in full.

We hold a current ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 certification and all our instruments are “CE” marked. Our surgical instruments are made from the highest-grade quality stainless steel.

Furthermore SurgiNOR has expanded its operations into the supply of Single Use Sterile Surgical Instruments. We do not offer standardized procedural packs to our customers but infact provides them a freedom to build procedural packs according to their own need. This is the most cost effective way of avoiding any standardized procedural pack wastage and give our customers the most effective & economical solution. We do it because we “Serve you care”.